package session

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Type Members

  1. class BaseSession extends Session

  2. class Database extends AnyRef

    A database instance to which connections can be created.

  3. class DatabaseCapabilities extends AnyRef

    Describes capabilities of the database which can be determined from a DatabaseMetaData object and then cached and reused for all sessions.

  4. class PositionedParameters extends AnyRef

  5. class PositionedResult extends Closeable

    A database result positioned at a row and column.

  6. trait ReadAheadIterator [+T] extends Iterator[T]

    An iterator on top of a data source which does not offer a hasNext() method without doing a next()

  7. class ResultSetConcurrency extends AnyRef

    attributes: sealed abstract
  8. class ResultSetHoldability extends AnyRef

    attributes: sealed abstract
  9. class ResultSetType extends AnyRef

    attributes: sealed abstract
  10. trait Session extends Closeable

    A database session which opens a connection and transaction on demand.

Value Members

  1. object Database extends AnyRef

    Factory methods for creating Database objects.

  2. object ResultSetConcurrency extends AnyRef

  3. object ResultSetHoldability extends AnyRef

  4. object ResultSetType extends AnyRef