package scalaquery

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Type Members

  1. trait AppliedInvoker[P, +R] extends DelegatingUnitInvoker[P, R]

    Base trait for applied invokers

  2. trait DelegatingMutatingUnitInvoker[P, R] extends DelegatingUnitInvoker[P, R] with MutatingUnitInvoker[R]

  3. trait DelegatingUnitInvoker[P, +R] extends UnitInvoker[R]

  4. trait Invoker[-P, +R] extends AnyRef

    Base trait for all statement invokers, using parameter type P and result type R.

  5. class MappedInvoker[-P, U, +R] extends Invoker[P, R]

    An Invoker which applies a mapping function to all results of another Invoker.

  6. trait MutatingInvoker[-P, R] extends Invoker[P, R]

  7. trait MutatingStatementInvoker[-P, R] extends StatementInvoker[P, R] with MutatingInvoker[P, R]

  8. trait MutatingUnitInvoker[R] extends UnitInvoker[R]

  9. class ResultSetInvoker[+R] extends UnitInvokerMixin[R]

    An invoker which calls a function to retrieve a ResultSet.

  10. trait ResultSetMutator[T] extends AnyRef

  11. class SQueryException extends RuntimeException

  12. class StatementInvoker[-P, +R] extends Invoker[P, R]

    An invoker which executes an SQL statement.

  13. trait UnitInvoker[+R] extends Invoker[Unit, R]

    An invoker for a Unit parameter with additional parameterless methods.

  14. trait UnitInvokerMixin[+R] extends DelegatingUnitInvoker[Unit, R]

Value Members

  1. object ResultSetInvoker extends AnyRef

  2. object UnitInvoker extends AnyRef

  3. package meta

  4. package ql

  5. package session

  6. package simple

  7. package util